Danica McKellar Feeds Your Brain Some Pi


In a new series from The Nerdist, sexy smartypants Danica McKellar (yes, Winnie Cooper from The Wonder Years) makes math a lot less boring in Math Bites. Okay, so she’s obviously easy on the eyes, but she’s not just another actor reading a script. She has a real degree from UCLA and has written four books on mathematics. Here’s what Danica has to say about her inspiration for the series:

I love making math accessible and entertaining. I’ve been doing it in my books for years now, and people kept asking for video, so here’s some video! You’ll learn, you’ll laugh, you’ll cry. Wait no, not that last part.

In the premiere episode she tackles the most magical of numbers… Pi. There are puppets, pyramids, and you even get to see The Nerdist boys dance in tutus (fair warning). So, sit back and stuff your brain full of delicious pi.

[via Nerdist]

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